R. Ayanokouzi et al.



Unofficial http://www.aziendeassociate.it/cd.asp?dir=/ffdshowOfficial http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffdshow/It is not a Codecs. So you need not install if you have a high power PC and sutable codecs. But if you have low power PC, this fillter make you save money. To install This fillter and BSplayer on your PC make some files, that needed high power to play, play smmothly. Official project have stopped untill 2002, and I guess project will not be recovered. Unofficlal project is on now. So, I recommend you to go to unoffical pages and to get a latest ffdshow file. Let me sujuest you that when you vizit unofficial page you can't download ffeshow files. Because every file links' address are wrong. To click linkes, there is new window and address. And rewrite address like undder. To do so you can download files on your PC. Happy playing!!http://www.aziendeassociate.it/./cd//ffdshow/ffdshow-********.exe http://www.aziendeassociate.it/cd/ffdshow/ffdshow-********.exe


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