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MKV - MKV (Matroska Video) Unofficial Playback Pack for Windows

Lazy Man's MKV http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA022257/matroska/ Mirror: http://ld-anime.subforge.net/matroska/ Current versionmkvinst_b96.exe is only OK on WinNT, not on WinME Older versionsmkvinst_b92.exe is OK on WinMEmkvinst_b94.exe is OK on WinMEmkvinst_b95.exe is only OK on WinNT, not on WinME

You can't use BSplayer in this way but '''Media Player Classic''', that is not very confortable to play a media file but not unusable. I recomend to use a BSplayer. Why don't you add your way to play MKV file by using BSplayer. Writing in Japanese is also OK. I will translate it in English.

Go to section "Zoom Player" and there is a evacuation way to play mkv files on BSplayer.

MKV - The Matroska Packs

http://packs.matroska.org/It install automatically some of unused codecs also, and in this pack ffdshow fillter is not latest. Because of that, I prefer use a before MKV codec pack to play a MKV file. It contain a minimam codecs and fillters to play a MKV file.

OGM - The Ogg Vorbis DirectShow filter

http://tobias.everwicked.com/To go URL on the top in this section. And go along the way in under.Ogg/Vorbis -> Download current versionClick a file downloaded, only that you can play a OGM file. To chenge a audio track, you left click on the film icon in task tray, while play target OGM file, and switch audio that you want to hear.

You can use BSplayer on this way I write upwared.


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